HP C6658AE (58) Photo Ink Cartridge - Remanufactured

HP C6658AE (58) Photo Ink Cartridge - Remanufactured
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Model:  BB-HP58
Brand:  HP

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HP C6658AE (58) Photo Ink Cartridge - Remanufactured

This item is guaranteed to work with:

HP Deskjet F2290HP Deskjet F4100
HP Deskjet 5500HP Officejet 5607
HP Deskjet F375HP Deskjet 5550 V
HP Deskjet F2100HP Officejet J5508
HP Deskjet D1460HP Deskjet 5650 V
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1110 XiHP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1315 V
HP Deskjet D2400HP Deskjet F2200
HP Deskjet F2110HP Deskjet F2120
HP Deskjet F2128HP Deskjet F2149
HP Deskjet F2185HP Deskjet F2187
HP Deskjet F2188HP Deskjet F310
HP Deskjet F325HP Deskjet F335
HP Deskjet F340HP Deskjet F350
HP Deskjet F370HP Deskjet F378
HP Deskjet F385HP Deskjet F388
HP Deskjet F390HP Deskjet F394
HP Deskjet F4135HP Deskjet F4140
HP Deskjet F4150HP Deskjet F4172
HP Deskjet F4175HP Deskjet F4185
HP Deskjet F4188HP Deskjet F4190
HP Deskjet F4194HP Deskjet F2280
HP Officejet J3680 All-in-OneHP Deskjet D1400
HP Deskjet D1420HP Deskjet D1430
HP Officejet 5609HP Officejet 5615
HP Officejet J3608HP Officejet J5520
HP Deskjet 3420HP Deskjet 3550
HP Deskjet 3600HP Deskjet 3620
HP Deskjet 3645HP Deskjet 3650
HP Deskjet 3651HP Deskjet 3840
HP Deskjet 3843HP Deskjet 3845
HP Deskjet 3847HP Deskjet 450
HP Deskjet 5150HP Deskjet 5151
HP Deskjet 5550HP Deskjet 5551
HP Deskjet 5552HP Deskjet 5600
HP Deskjet 5650HP Deskjet 5652
HP Deskjet 5655HP Deskjet 5850
HP Deskjet 9600HP Deskjet 9650
HP Deskjet 9670HP Digital Copier 410
HP Officejet 4200HP Officejet 4215
HP Officejet 4219HP Officejet 4255
HP Officejet 5505HP Officejet 5510
HP Officejet 6110HP Photosmart 100
HP Photosmart 130HP Photosmart 2410
HP Photosmart 245HP Photosmart 2500
HP Photosmart 2510HP Photosmart 7150
HP Photosmart 7200HP Photosmart 7260
HP Photosmart 7345HP Photosmart 7350
HP Photosmart 7400HP Photosmart 7450
HP Photosmart 7550HP Photosmart 7660
HP Photosmart 7700HP Photosmart 7755
HP Photosmart 7760HP Photosmart 7762
HP Photosmart 7900HP Photosmart 7960
HP Photosmart P230HP Photosmart P7150
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1311HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1315
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1317HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1340
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1350HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1355
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2100HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2108
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2110HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2115
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2170HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2171
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2175HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2179
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2210HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2350
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2410HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2510
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 4215HP Deskjet D2430
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1318HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1312
HP Deskjet 3848HP Deskjet 450 CBI
HP Deskjet 450 CIHP Deskjet 450 WBT
HP Deskjet 5150 CHP Deskjet 5160
HP Deskjet D2300HP Deskjet D2320
HP Deskjet D2330HP Deskjet D2345
HP Deskjet D2360HP Deskjet D2368
HP Deskjet F380HP Officejet 4211
HP Officejet 4212HP Officejet 4215 V
HP Officejet 4215 XiHP Officejet 4251
HP Officejet 4251+ AX307HP Officejet 4252
HP Officejet 4259HP Officejet 5600
HP Officejet 5605HP Officejet 5605 Z
HP Officejet 5608HP Officejet 5610
HP Officejet 5610 VHP Officejet 5610 Xi
HP Officejet 6105HP Officejet 6110 V
HP Officejet 6110 XiHP Officejet 6150
HP Photosmart 2405HP Photosmart 2410 V
HP Photosmart 2410 XiHP Photosmart 2420
HP Photosmart 2510 XiHP Photosmart 7760 V
HP Photosmart 7760 WHP Photosmart 7762 W
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1315 XiHP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1345
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1350 XiHP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 1358
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2105HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2110 V
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2110 XiHP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2175 V
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2175 XiHP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2210 i
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2210 VHP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2210 Xi
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2405HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2410 V
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2410 XiHP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2420
HP-Printer Scanner Copier,PSC 2510 XiHP Deskjet D2460
HP Deskjet F2180HP Deskjet F4180

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Overwhelmed by choice and not sure what cartridge to purchase? Whats the difference between original (OEM), compatible and remanufactured cartridges? At OneStopStationery, we want to give our customers choice and a range of alternatives whatever your budget. Below is a quick guide to help you make the right choice for you and your printer.


Original (OEM) Toner/Ink Cartridge.

An original branded cartridge is usually called an original equipment manufacturer product or "OEM" for short. These products are specifically designed and patented for your printer. These patents protect the manufacturer from exact copies being made by third party companies at a fraction of the cost. Printer manufacturers will always recommend that you use their OEM products for your printer and are advertised as the the best option for quality etc. They advise that any cartridge other than the original can affect print quality, printer functions and the overall lifespan of your printer. We have not found this to be true and OneStopStationery work hard to show our customers otherwise. Unfortunately in many cases, these cartridges can cost more than the actual printer itself but this is how the printer manufacturers make their money. If your budget allows it, an original cartridge is always a good option.

Economy Compatible Toner/Ink Cartridge.

These economy cartridges are the cheapest by far. If you see a very cheap toner for sale online, the odds are that it is indeed an "economy compatible".The design is copied by third party manufacturers from the original but with significant changes as to not break patent laws and rules, these cartridges are usually produced in China at a high volume using cost effective non OEM parts and materials hence the title "economy". Minimal quality control spot checks are made to ensure they function and then distributed worldwide. A large proportion of these cartridges will work absolutely fine in your machine with no issues but be aware that you may experience faults from time to time. With a price to reflect the quality of these cartridges, economy compatibles offer excellent value for money for anyone on a tighter budget.

Compatible Toner/Ink Cartridges.

Better quality than the economy range, our compatible cartridges are usually sourced in Europe. Again, the design is copied from the original but only slight changes are made which makes for a better fit in your printer. These cartridges are constructed with non OEM parts again but with higher quality material than the economy range. These third party manufacturers take more time to make sure that quality control checks are increased to ensure better fault and function rates are upheld. Slightly more expensive than the economy compatible, these cartridges still offer great value for money while not breaking the bank.

Remanufactured Toner/Ink Cartridges.

These cartridges (in our opinion) are the best of the non OEM products. Our remanufactured cartridges are produced by companies based in the UK using original OEM parts that are brand new or refurbished to the highest standard. Often filled to capacity these cartridges often offer more prints than the original. With several quality assurance inspections and tests during the construction process, these products are as close to the original as can be but are a fraction of the price. With the lowest fault/return rate and the best value for money out of all the non OEM products we recommend these very highly. 

Whatever product you decide to purchase, OneStopStationery take quality very seriously and make sure that all of our range are tried and tested to give our customers peace of mind.


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